Head Office

When you call us

We operate a Computerised and Automated Booking and Dispatch System that allocates all bookings received automatically to the nearest vehicle, electronically sending this information and data direct to the vehicle Data head Terminal.

Our system incorporates ‘Caller Line Identification’. This automatically displays on screen the callers number to our operator,as the call or when the call is answered. The system also recognises if the caller has used our company  before and provides our operators with comprehensive details of the previous booking received. This information can be accepted, edited and saved, increasing efficiency, accuracy and also
reducing the incidence of errors.

Our System also incorporates a ‘Ring Back Service’. The system will automatically dial the number from which initial booking was recieved. That number will ring twice, once the vehicle has arrived at its colection point This notifies the customer that their vehicle has arrived eliminating any distress that may be caused due to delays and also more importantly, our customers are able to remain in a safe comfortable environment until their vehicle has arrived.

With so much emphasis currently being placed on companies to reduce costs, provide ever-improving service and achieve greater efficiency, now is the time to look to a dependable partner that can operate at the highest standard.

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